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Share the World is a free educational program designed to help your students better understand and appreciate the animals with whom we share our world. In the reproducible activities that form the heart of this program, your students will use their thinking and writing skills to imagine the feelings and consider the incredible abilities of other animals, examine how our relationships with them have changed through history, discover alternatives to their use, and respond to situations in which their well-being is threatened.

elephantAfter completing this program, your students will have gained a richer understanding of animals in our world—and a sense of how we can treat them as fellow beings, with compassion and respect.

Share the World has also produced a free video that will grab your students’ attention with amazing animal footage, cartoons, topics for discussion, and humor. If you don’t have a copy of the video and would like one, please write to the address below or visit our Web site and fill out the online order form.

We hope that using this program will help your students realize that animals experience life in much the same way we do. In doing so, you'll be helping them make the world we share a better and richer place for all of us. Thank you!

Share the World is a free educational program designed to help your elementary school students develop respect and compassion for all living beings.

Target Audience
This program is designed for use by students in grades 3-5 in the language arts, science, social studies, and humane education curricula.

Program Objectives
Share the World
is designed to accomplish the following objectives:

• Enhance students' understanding that animals are living, feeling beings to be treated with respect and compassion.

• Assist students in recognizing that animals often experience the same needs and feelings that we do.

• Enable students to appreciate the amazing characteristics and abilities of animals.

• Help students understand how humans' regard for animals has changed and developed as their knowledge of animals has increased.

• Aid students in recognizing how the once-pervasive use of animals is being replaced, thanks to increased understanding and technological developments.

Program Components
Four reproducible activity masters to be photocopied as student worksheets.

2. A reading unit consisting of adaptions from four true animal stories.

STW poster3. A teacher's guide that includes:

• a statement of objectives;
• introductions, presentation suggestions, and model answers for each activity; and
• follow-up and extended activity suggestions to expand the program's scope.

4. A full-color wall poster to display in your classroom as a motivational tool.

5. A response card for your comments.
Please return this card to ensure that you'll receive future free programs.

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